The first Whisky of Corsica party soon 10 years

The Mavela Distillery, so well reputed for its exceptional eau de vie and liqueurs, is also gaining a solid reputation for its Whisky of Corsica. Let us cast a look back over this wonderful adventure which has seen one of the world’s most atypical Whiskies take shape.

In 2000, the Pietra brassier and Mavela estate had the idea of producing a Whisky, the first Corsican Whisky fully produced on the island. Thanks to their expertise, combined with various studies and many trips to Scotland and the USA, they elaborated the distillation process which consisted of using Pietra malts, distilling these in Mavela’s Holstein alembic, before maturity in oak barrels having been used for Muscat on the Gentile estate and finally using water from the St Georges spring. The first bottling took place in December 2004. This was the moment P&M Whisky was born!

2004-2014, the first Whisky of Corsica party soon 10 yearsDomaine

Finally in September 2007, the legend was confirmed as P&M was listed in the prestigious JIM MURRAY’S global whisky guide. In 2014, the reference increased the grading of the Single Malt to 95/100, which placed it 5th in the world for Whisky’s under 12 months old. With these grades rarely being attributed to a Whisky distilled outside of Scotland, and with awards dealt out upon each presentation, notably the international San Francisco and London competitions, these atypical Whiskies are now present in some of the best cellars and finest Michelin-starred establishments across the globe…

Domaine Mavela

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