Margot Issaly, the artist makes us discover her world, inspired by nature


Breathe… listen to your Silence… How good it is to be with yourself, to allay your fears and move towards the light… following the ripple of algae…

Peinture à l’huile au glacis sur toile — Triptyque — 83 x 183 cm

Having always been passionate about painting and sculpture, it is in a self-taught manner that Margot worked with rigour in the workshops of various artists who moved her and seduced her with the originality of their creations and their particular techniques. Her arrival in Corsica, a few years ago, correlates with a “lightning” emotion in front of the palette of nature so rich in colours and diverse sensations. The beauty and power of the sea and the mountains provide a staggering “breath of fresh air” after many years of life in the city. Deep breathing in a universe of blues, greens, ochres, all these colours with impressive shades, becomes the symbol of a new life, a means of asserting her new-found freedom. The FREEDOM of mindfulness. Modern life, being more and more stressful and oppressive, limits us and leaves little room for feeling deeply. The difficulties found in the strength and fragility of nature are a central theme in her painting. The chance to be able to slow down your pace of life, in an idyllic setting where shapes and colours explode and vibrate, is an invitation to take a look at nature surrounding you. To communicate and be in communion with her, to let yourself be touched by its pictorial and sensory splendour, feeling the need to protect it, is the leitmotif of its creation. Dominique Brisson, writer and editor, truly grasped the sensitivity of her creations, saying of Margot: “Inner visions, imaginary world, reminiscences of trees or aquatic backgrounds, a dream life or real life? At the edge of abstraction and figuration, over an unexpected curve, at the turn of the accidental effect of a shape or a colour, the works of this landscape surveyor expresses the sensation, the trace, the memories of her sumptuous walks, from her native Poland to her adopted Corsica.


Nature, being in essence a work of art, naturally constitutes a source of deep inspiration. Her contemplation associated with the exercise of breathing and meditation, gives birth to spontaneous movements on the canvas covered with diluted pigments. These suggest in its pictorial language, the pursuit of a dream that mobilises creative energy. The respiratory movement like the need for survival and liberation, accentuated by the « droplets » of water or oxygen, is repetitive. Inspire – exhale – inspire – move forward…

Peinture à l’huile au glacis sur toile — 80 x 80 cm


A sedentary sculpture which shelters a nomadic jewel. Each of these two works is complete in itself, but they echo each other. The porcelain and the silver of the piece are to be worn combined to share a familiar history of the porcelain’s support that welcomes and shelters it until its next “escape”…


Combines the disciplines of painting and ceramics where Margot expresses her love for life and her deep admiration for the richness of nature. With the same spontaneity, with the same love of gesture which engages the body as much as the soul. The artist brushes her subtle interlacing, deep and shimmering colours together made transparent by the glaze of her oil painting which brings to life her white porcelain objects with its fragile nudity.

Tableaux – sculptures — Peinture à l’huile au glacis, sculpture en porcelaine — 25 x 25 cm

Margot Issaly

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