Les Montres Collector

A contemporary setting revisiting the architecture of time, this vintage high-end watch boutique offers rich discoveries.

With 25 years of expertise in the world of watchmaking, the LES MONTRES group, chaired by Jean LASSAUSSOIS, owner of the eponymous Parisian boutiques, unveils a new location especially for the Collector watches. Located at Rive Gauche, at the 34th street of Four in the 6th borough of Paris, the Les Montres Collector boutique opened its doors in December, in the heart of the iconic Saint-Germaindes- Pres district. This new cozy space of 35 m2, with all of its Parisian elegance, charms with the diversity of the watch pieces presented, all selected with care, and always marked by exceptional brands : vintage watches, timepieces, novel watch models at the end of collections. Les Montres Collector store operates on the purchase and resale of watches from the largest watch manufacturers (Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Cartier, Hermes, IWC, Patek Philippe, etc…). Enlightened amateurs and collectors will be able to satisfy their passion by discovering the object of their dreams, made more accessible by a selective second-hand offer, classified into two categories, collectors’ watches, which are older pieces having gained value with time and second-hand watches, which are newer but priced more competitively. New timepieces, at the end of the collection, are also offered, at discounted rates, under the category “Private Sale”.

Selective in its choices, Les Montres Collector boutique sells only models in good condition, authenticated by watch experts and with full traceability. Each movement is checked, and if necessary, a the watch will be refurbished by experienced watchmakers to certify the conformity of the products. Come to discover this new location, which, like all Les Montres boutiques, is reputed for their conscientiousness and renowned among watchmakers…

Boutique Les Montres Collector

34 rue du Four
75006 Paris

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