La Maison Ferrero, a delicatessen in the image of its founder, Dominique Ferrero

After several years spent on the continent, Dominique Ferrero returned to her native land, the family restaurant, and then founded a house that bears her name, a sort of tribute to her family and to the decades that her parents consecrated to the service of taste in their restaurant “Le Floride”, a true institution in the Imperial City.
In 2016, thanks to her many years of experience in top French gastronomic establishments, such as the “Métropole Palace” in Monaco or “La Bastide Saint-Antoine”, two stars in the Michelin guide in Grasse, this family DNA which gave her a taste for good food, fresh and local products, respect for producers and their know-how, and her entrepreneurial spirit, the Maison Ferrero opened its doors.
Dominique left nothing to chance, starting with the address, she chose to set up in the heart of a historic and authentic district of Ajaccio where the “village spirit and soul” still shines. She wants her delicatessen to be local and friendly in a lively and
dynamic neighbourhood.

“It’s a real neighbourhood grocery shop, but of quality! You can find all sorts of everyday products, but also specialities from Corsica and elsewhere, tasted beforehand and rigorously selected for their quality of manufacture and their incomparable flavours.” Dominique and her team know all the products on offer, their history and that of the producer, and it is with a rare generosity and a shared conviviality that customers are advised and directed so that their needs become a unique pleasure to taste. A real place for sharing around real food that is respectful of the environment and of consumers.
In 2021, a second place of life is born, in Porticcio, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio. The philosophy remains the same, a mythical place, a soul, a desire to share and discover quality products. A little extra, Dominique organises tastings on request, in order to weave other links which will also write the
future pages of the history of the “Ferrero” name.

Maison Ferrero

www.maisonferrero.com4 Bd Madame Mère
20 000 Ajaccio

429 Bd Marie-Jeanne Bozzi,
20 166 Porticcio

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