Interview with Pauline Rivet & Emanuele Civano, Hôtel La Plage Casadelmar

Pauline, after 10 years at the helm of the restaurant La Plage Casadelmar, how do you look back over the years? And what about the future?

10 years already! It seems like only yesterday that I was enchanted by this place from day one…

And it’s still with great emotion and pride that I bring La Plage Casadelmar Beach every spring. Our Plage has “grown up”… thanks to the beauty of the site, the authenticity of our chef’s cuisine, the spontaneity of our welcome and the loyalty of our clientele. La Plage deserves its place in the Porto-Vecchi landscape, and I wish it many more wonderful seasons!

In our previous interview, 5 years ago, you told us that you wanted La Plage to feel like a holiday home, where your guests would feel right at home. Do you think you’ve achieved that?

I think I have. I wanted our guests to feel at home with us, to be able to make La Plage their own, and that’s what’s happened. Our regulars are recognised and our teams know what they want. In my role, I’ve been lucky enough to have Younce as my partner on the beach for as long as I can remember. His smile and generosity have won him the affection of our regulars. Today, it’s a real pleasure and a great success for me to be able to count on the many ‘faithful’ who are here each new season to experience ‘summer on the beach’. All these personalities, touched by the place and our attentions, make La Plage a unique place.

For a number of years now, you’ve been organising water-based wedding ceremonies. What makes you different from other venues?

“Made-to-measure”. In the same way as in the restaurant, the attention I pay to my customers is paramount. The setting that I present to future brides and grooms is enchanting, but once again our signature “La Plage” is the opportunity to make the place your own. To make it “your place” forever.

Emanuele, you’ve been in charge of the piano for two years now. How would you describe your cuisine?

My adventure at La Plage began 5 years ago with my friend and former chef Franscesco Triscornia; when he leaves at the end of 2021, I’ll be taking over the piano and the brigade to create my own world.

I would say that my cuisine is above all authentic!

It’s an alliance between my Italian origins and the local terroir. I use local produce and highlight the culinary and taste traditions passed on by “la mia Nonna” : “le emozioni attraverso la cucina”…

How do you put together your menu?

The menu is based on the tried and tested classics of Italian cuisine.

In winter, with my sous-chef and friend Francesco Zagagnoni, I look for products and recipes that are typical of my native country, and I try to recreate them with a touch of creativity and modernity…

Our menu is a reflection of my cuisine, accessible, friendly and to be shared!

What do you wish for the future? What are your plans for the future?

It was my passion and love for my job that led me to La Plage.

Thinking about tomorrow gives me the energy I need to move forward in this business. I love taking care of my guests, and who knows, in a few years’ time my dream of owning ‘del mio ristorante’ will come true… an establishment where, just like here, I’ll have the pleasure of sharing my cuisine and my emotions.

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