Alexandre Cornot

Interview with Alexandre Cornot, CEO of Champagne Brimoncourt

A Champagne House undergoing vast expansion, located at Aÿ in the historical centre of the appellation in Reims on the prestigious boulevard Lundy.

Alexandre Cornot
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Is this a house which you took over?

Alexandre Cornot: Yes, in 2008… after starting out in a career in the legal sector in a large Parisian law firm, I felt a real need to manufacture and create by combining my passion with attention to details. I am very demanding on myself and others… Champagne needs this attention to detail, passion and sophistication… Without sophistication, it is simply sparkling wine… the attention to detail and sophistication make for great Champagne and this is where the magic begins, and has done for some three centuries!

So people did not wait for you… what makes you stand out?

(Laughs) Admittedly, but our expression is that of joyous sophistication which is supported by high-quality and very fresh wines. Allow me to insist on this point: Chardonnay forms over 80% of our Brut Régence. Over 85% of grands crus in our white of whites. We focus our product on a client base which is expectant, who are very serious in life and who have the intelligence of knowing how not to take themselves too seriously. The dialogue adopted by Brimoncourt is quite simple and rightly so. Life is short, so we should enjoy it, albeit in style.

What are your objectives?

Brimoncourt is, by its very nature, an international brand. So, we should continue our growth in France and abroad. In this regard, the distribution agreement we signed with Baron Philippe de Rothschild in France is fundamental. The convergence of values and long-term vision that we share have laid out the optimum condition for this strategic and natural partnership. It is the cornerstone of our development.

What resources do you use?

Work, work, and more work. A little money also, of course. We have reinvested 1.5 million Euros into the company at the beginning of this year. This year, we will increase this investment to 2 to 3 million Euros. Beyond this, our activities are able to fund our organic growth.
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What are your fundamental values?

Humility, desire, action, contemplation, astonishment, and fun…and Champagne Brimoncourt bien sur!

Tell us about your best tasting memory?

I have many fond memories of wine tastings! However, there is one which flies high above the rest, if I can put it like that…. It was during a journey between New York and Paris on Concorde at 16,000 metres up and travelling at Mach 2, whilst enjoying a Dom Pérignon 1993. Not a noise, not a vibration, the enjoyment of being above the clouds, travelling at high speed and this excellent wine, an unforgettable moment, the peak of civilisation!

Champagne Brimoncourt

www.brimoncourt.com84, Boulevard Charles de Gaulle — 51130 Aÿ
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