Innovation by Breguet

Synonymous with culture, heritage and cutting-edge technology, Breguet has always fascinated people thanks to its continual innovation. Today, the company is still making significant breakthroughs in timepiece technology by using, for example, a material with multiple incredible properties for its moving components : silicon. If the brand, the gold standard in luxury watchmaking, is now part of Europe’s cultural heritage, it’s thanks to the prowess of their current master watchmakers but also to the inventive spirit of its founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823).

He created special pieces for his clients and kept a special connection to Corsica. Partager

Appreciated in all the courts of Europe, he became the indispensable watchmaker for the scientific, military, financial and diplomatic elites of the age. He created special pieces for his most prestigious clients and kept a special connection to Corsica, l’Île de Beauté. That’s how he came to create the first wristwatch in history for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, in 1810. The young sister of Napoleon I who was crowned Queen of Naples in 1808, promoted the arts and didn’t hesitate to extol the virtues of Breguet. When it came to Napoléon Bonaparte, the future emperor, he bought several different Breguet creations for both personal use and during his military campaigns. He saw in these prestigious timepieces a symbol of social and political climbing which went hand-in-hand with the power he coveted.

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