Fabio Bragagnolo, 2-star Michelin chef of the Casadelmar restaurant in Porto-Vecchio and Kevin Sanzay, head sommelier.

Fabio, what is your approach?

My cuisine proposes a gustatory journey in the Mediterranean, based on the discovery of local products and the aromatic herbs of our garden. I am attached to the values of sharing and conviviality and I hope that this is reflected in my dishes.

What is your signature dish?

My favourite dish is Saint Pierre, which I accompany with coral lentils, an ingredient to which I give its letters of nobility by adding a tomato water, a burrata emulsion and herbs from the garden.
But my cuisine forms a whole and the creations imagined with my team each have their place on the menu, which offers a harmonious and coherent choice to our visitors: the Corsican veal shank that I work like an osso bucco, the Sisco onion, roasted and smoked with summer truffles, the return of fish- ing, a combination of fish and shellfish marinated in Cremona mustard… I try to sublimate the work of the best producers on the island with whom I exchange throughout the year.

What discoveries from the island’s vineyards do you suggest to your guests?

I am a fervent defender of island winegrowing, which is constantly progressing. In recent years we have seen the emergence of remarkable micro-vintages. As these wines are mostly consumed in the summer, such an evolution, which favours finesse over power, is indeed a guarantee of a better adequacy with the expectations of the clientele in the summer period. In this respect, a terroir dominated by granite arena favours elegance and minerality, which is a perfect match for the seafood that Fabio is particularly fond of. The multitude of grape varieties originating on the island is a formidable playground for sommeliers. It is this diversity that makes Corsica’s production so rich.
Through their tireless efforts, our winegrowers have
made Corsica an essential wine region.

Quelles découvertes du vignoble insulaire proposez-vous à vos convives?

Je suis un fervent défenseur de la viticulture insulaire qui ne cesse de progresser. On assiste depuis quelques années à l’émergence de micro cuvées remarquables. Ces vins étant majoritairement consommés l’été, une telle évolution, qui privilégie la finesse sur la puissance, est en effet garante d’une meilleure adéquation avec les attentes de la clientèle en période estivale.
A cet égard, un terroir où domine l’arène granitique favorise l’élégance et la minéralité qui s’accordent à merveille aux produits de la mer que Fabio affectionne particulièrement.
La multitude d’encépagements originaires de l’île est un formidable terrain de jeux pour les sommeliers. C’est cette diversité qui fait la richesse de la Corse en matière de production.
Par leurs efforts inlassables, nos vignerons ont su faire de la Corse une région viticole incontournable.

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