Fabienne Rossi. Corsica, the colors and the land

Under the palms of her hands, in a strange alchemy revealed by the firing process, emerge the reminiscences of multiple wonders: from Danish design to Japanese culture and Italian cuisine.
Constantly on the alert, her eye has found a new frame. Fabienne Rossi stages her creations while giving free rein to her other passion, photography. Fascinated by the arts of the table, curious and greedy since always, she cannot help but discreetly turn over the plates of restaurants and rejoice at the sight of a beautiful table; a pleasure multiplied by sharing. In her workshop in Porto-Vecchio, in the middle of the maquis, she creates functional but unique ceramics. Imagined from the loaf of raw clay, plates, bowls, cups and vases are designed to accommodate whatever they look like, to harmonise or mismatch according to the circumstances.

Fabienne Rossi

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