Beyond the macabre statistics which punctuated an extremely painful Spring, the inventory of all kinds of consequences of this tragic epidemic episode has barely begun. By perceiving the first effects of the unprecedented economic shock with which it was accompanied, the numerous changes that will result from it remain unclear but will be the breeding ground for the opportunities of tomorrow.
After a successful lockdown and quarantine lift we still have to confront the challenge of resilience together, with confidence!

Faithful to a well-established tradition our magazine which is celebrating its tenth anniversary Faithful to a well-established tradition our magazine, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, will open a few windows on the local know-how that is deployed on our island in the service of excellence.

Despite headwinds after opening our south shore branch of Ajaccio in 2017 and Bonifacio in 2018, what better testimony of our unswayed faith in the future is there than opening of our new Golfe Agency in Cala Rossa?

Therefore we will closely support the needs of our loyal customers on this paradise peninsula.

And to finish with an optimistic wink, our sincerest wish on the threshold of this summer would be to inoculate as many people as possible with a virus without a known antidote to date: Corsicavirus!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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