Anne-Sophie Pic

Agrumes, by Anne-Sophie Pic
© Jean-Marie Del Moral

Agrumes (Citrus Fruits) is the story of a true encounter.

It is the story of the encounter between Ann-Sophie Pic and the San Giuliano Citrus Fruit Conservatory in Corsica.
For several years, Anne-Sophie Pic and the researchers at both the INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research) and the CIRAD (Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) have been exploring, experimenting, scenting, surveying the fragrant orchards, tasting, and observing in order to better demonstrate an exceptional human and gastronomical heritage.

  • 130 varieties of citrus fruits described
  • 80 exceptional recipes
  • 170 photographs
  • 30 botanical paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries

The book was created under the guidance of the INRA, the CIRAD of Corsica, and Anne-Sophie Peak—the only female chef in France to have won three Michelin stars.
Publisher: Éditions LA MAISON. 480 pages.
The cloth-spined book and the recipe booklet come in a set – Price: €120 including all taxes.