The “boutique du Corailleur”, offers unique pieces made according to the rules of art

In the Upper town of Bonifacio, La Boutique Du Corailleur, an emblematic institution of the City of Cliffs, offers its visitors a trip to the land of red coral. Son of the acclaimed diver Laurent Giordano, known for having discovered the symbolic Dionysian bronze panther in Monaco, Jean-Philippe established La Boutique du Corailleur in 1991.

His universe is Red Coral! The boutique offers a broad selection of jewellery and decorative items, all designed and manufactured with scrupulous respect for the rules of the art. Jean-Philippe has also consistently adhered to the flawless importance of respecting the stringent rules imposed upon him by this demanding profession, and defend them to preserve the extraordinary underwater biodiversity and its emblematic red animal which has endlessly fascinated him. The safety regulations require training, concentration and an impeccable lifestyle when diving between 70 and 130 meters.

Jean-Philippe prefers to only fish mature coral which he selects from the most beautiful branches, beyond 50 meters deep, therefore preserving the younger ones.

Today there are very few who receive the famous annual sesame from the prefecture, granting him permission to dive and fish in an environmentally responsible manner. He is also the only person there that creates jewellery from red coral. La Boutique Du Corailleur offers its customers a collection of unique creations and jewellery, authenticated by a certificate stating their origin and value. Jean-Philippe pursues on several fronts his quest for excellence, respecting nature, choosing his raw material by selective coral fishing by hand, sublimating it according to the rules of the art to design these unique pieces.

La boutique du corailleurLa corailleur place monte Pagano
20169 Bonifacio
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