Return from fishing, Cremona mustard, Meyer lemon Fabio Bragagnolo, Restaurant Casadelmar ** Porto-Vecchio

Serves 4. About 1 hour

Meyer Lemon Jam

  • 50 g sugar
  • 100 g water
  • 300 g Meyer lemon

Remove the lemon peels, avoiding the white
part and recover the pulp by cutting them raw
Cook them in water and sugar until you obtain
a smooth and homogeneous jam

Raw fish and shellfish

  • 80 g Red shrimp
  • 80 g Tuna
  • 80 g Sea bass
  • 80 g Sea bream
  • 80 g Sardine
  • 80 g Denti
  • 80 g Grouper
  • 80 g Langoustine


  • 40 g Romanesco cabbage
  • 40 g Purple cabbage
  • 40 g White cabbage
  • 40 g Yellow cabbage
  • 40 g Peas
  • 40 g Radish
  • 40 g Resina bean
  • 40 g Cremona mustard
  • 40 g Caviar
  • 40 g Meyer lemon


  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Legume oil
  • inegar
  • Anchovy sauce
  • Ponzu
  • Horseradish
  • Apple and ginger compote
  • Salt and pepper

Cook the resina beans in salted water, drain them and set them aside. Do the same with the peas and put them in water and ice, the pods will come off. Clean the coloured cabbages and cut them into small pieces, keep the ends and cut them into the same size as the peas. Do the same with the radishes.
Mix all the vegetables and season them with all the condiments, finding a balance of flavours, drain to remove excess seasoning.
Take all the fish and shellfish, clean them and prepare them all the same size to create a checkerboard pattern, put them in a serving tray and season them with ponzu, olive oil, anchovy sauce and ground pepper.
To serve, place the square mould on your plate, add a generous spoonful of vegetables inside, flatten them well and now, one at a time, assemble the checkerboard of fish and shellfish, leaving the central space empty.
Finish the dish with small pieces of Cremona mus- tard, the flowers and their shoots, and a spoonful of caviar in the centre.
Finish with a few drops of Meyer lemon.

Restaurant Casadelmar**

Route de Palombaggia
20137 Porto Vecchio

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