Parfum d’empire celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special edition

Twenty years of physical, intrepid, baroque perfumes. Twenty years of a personal, radical style, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s stance against the puritanism of the puny, normative juices of our times.

Twenty years… That’s quite a feat in the young sector of niche perfumery! A saga initiated in 2003 with a single perfume: for two years, Eau de Gloire was the only fragrance offered by Parfum d’Empire.

Over those past 20 years, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has created 22 perfumes. First by exploring the major themes of perfumery (amber, florals, leather, fougères), from the East to the West. Then, more personal stories were added to the collection, from Azemour les orangers, an evocation of the perfumer’s lost childhood paradise, to the L’Héritage Corse collection, a tribute to his Corsican roots. As a common thread, his desire to reconnect with the original truth of perfume: the erotic and the sacred.

Love conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest… With Parfum d’Empire, no fragrance is created without passion, without a story. That is the freedom of a house in which the perfumer is the sole master of his lab.

EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE. édition limitée. 100 ml – 162 €. ¢


A cologne drenched in Corsican sun.

To celebrate Parfum d’Empire’s 20th anniversary, what could be more logical than to go back to the house’s first iconic fragrance? Inspired by Eau de Gloire, this new creation captures the radiance of citrus fruits prized for their freshness and brilliance. Sparkling, soaring, bright, EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE is gorged with citrus essences of such a precious quality that no other house would dare to use them in such lavish amounts. An overdose of bitter orange, but also bergamot, mandarin… Laurel, a nod to Parfum d’Empire horseshœ-shaped laurel crown, blends with incense, a symbol of glory, and the aromatic freshness of myrtle to evoke the Corsican maquis. A sun-drenched cologne to light the path of the Corsican who left the island to follow their lucky star.

A word from the perfumer

Unlike what the public may imagine, a cologne can be baroque, and gorged with precious materials. With EAU DE GLOIRE COLOGNE, I wanted my citrus fruits to be radiant and bitter to excess. Celebrating the 20 years of Parfum d’Empire lightheartedly and optimistically deserved this splendor.

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