The Macan, the very essence of Porsche

The Macan takes its name from the word “Tiger” in Indonesian. And it certainly deserves it! Powerful, ready to pounce whatever the circumstances, agile and fit for all-roads, with the Macan, Porsche is today taking its very first step into the world of compact SUVs. The Macan is laying down all new markers in terms of dynamism and driving pleasure, both on the road and off-road. It combines all the qualities on which Porsche has built its reputation down the years, with exceptional performance levels, breathtaking engine capacity, unrivalled agility, all with an exquisite level of comfort.

As with every Porsche, the sporting DNA of the Macan are anchored in its design. It stands out thanks to its unique profile, both wide and low to the road. The enveloping bonnet and sloping roof line further highlight the sporting and dynamic ele-gance as well as its sheer power. The Macan has borrowed and perfected a number of elements taken from other Porsche sports models, which makes it stand out at first glance. Built with extreme precision and flawless quality, Porsche will once more live up to its reputation. For its launch, the Macan is available in three models and has been available for sale from 5 April 2014.

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