Lassaussois Joaillier, discover a line of jewellery in their image

Les Inséparables diamonds ring
White gold and diamonds ring
18 500 €

Ring Les Inséparables

white gold ring set with diamonds and colored gemstones
11 000€

We all know the art of time well, and it’s been almost thirty years since Jean founded Les Montres where he was later joined by Arnaud and Pauline.
It’s a family story, a story of passion… Having forever been amazed by jewels and decorative stones, capbeen captivated by its brilliance filled with light and magic, tivated I was entrusted to roll out a line of jewellery true to our image. I love to combine diamonds, play with colours and discover novel combinations between the elements. I like selecting unique pieces that will bear witness to the highlights of our lives…

Catherine Lassaussois

Oversize Topaz Ring

White gold ring set with topaz, sapphires and diamonds
5 200 €

Purple Oversize Amethyst Ring

Oversized white gold ring set with amethysts and diamonds
5 200 €

Ring Oversize Citrine orange

Oversize yellow gold ring set with orange citrine, yellow sapphires, orange sapphires and diamonds
5 200 €

Rubelite solitaire ring

White gold ring set with rubelite and diamonds
3 350€

Pink Tourmaline Solitaire Ring

Solitaire pink gold ring set with pink tourmaline and diamonds
3 500 €

Green Tourmaline Solitaire Ring

White gold solitaire ring set with green tourmaline and diamonds
3 350 €

Lassaussois Joaillier

Boutiques Les Montres
58, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris
01 46 34 71 38
40, rue de Passy – 75116 Paris
01 53 92 51 61

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