La Ferme, a unique place for a suspended moment

Fabien Filippeddu tells us all about this emblematic restaurant on the island of Cavallo.

Fabien, you’ve been running La Ferme à Cavallo for a few years now. Tell us about the island and its history.

Discovered in the 60s by Jean Castel, the pope of Parisian Jet Set nights, Cavallo has managed over the years to preserve the ‘Robinson’ spirit of an island that cultivates a gentle way of life.

Situated at the highest point of the island, where Jean Castel’s house once stood, La Ferme offers a breathtaking 360° panorama of Corsica, the Lavezzi archipelago, Sardinia and the open sea.

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What is the philosophy behind La Ferme?

La Ferme is an exceptional place where the values of sharing, authenticity and conviviality, so dear to the discoverers of Cavallo, come to the fore in the heart of unspoilt nature.

We want our guests to make the place their own for an exceptional moment of escape.

To achieve this, it is essential that the restaurant is integrated into the landscape in a way that is totally respectful of its surroundings. The building is nestled in the rocks at the heart of a wild and unspoilt area; its warm natural materials, such as wood and stone, blend in with the endemic vegetation.

In terms of cuisine, we focus on Mediterranean flavours, using high-quality local produce.

What specialities are on the menu?

For nearly six years now, the brigade has been under the authority of our Greek-born chef Fotis Alevizakis. He likes to combine the ancient flavours of his country with those of our island.

The starters change according to the day’s market: tuna tartare or tataki, fried squid, smoked aubergine, grouper kebab, or just excellent beef heart tomatœs…

We also offer fish and lobster, only caught locally on the day, as well as meats selected by our master butcher. All these products are simply sublimated by wood-fired cooking and accompanied by grilled or marinated vegetables.

For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts are made by our pastry chef. We also offer a lovely platter of sun-kissed fruit to share.

What would you like your guests to think of La Ferme?

You can enjoy a cocktail in the lounge overlooking Greco beach, with the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see. Or you can have lunch in the shade of a fig tree. Whatever the occasion, we hope it will be a warm one, and that each guest will leave with the feeling that it was a unique experience.


La Ferme

Île de Cavallo

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