Jean-Antoine OTTAVI, chef nomade et organisateur de pique-niques chics en pleine nature

A request for an ephemeral meal is always singular
and personalised, as much for the menu
as for the table or floral decoration, or even the
choice of venue, which must remain as authentic
and natural as possible. It can be for two or several
dozen people, for the different events of life,
marriage proposal, engagement, baptism or other
occasions, or simply for a moment of sharing with
family or friends.
It can be by the sea, around a pond, in a vineyard
or in the heart of the Corsican mountains.
All the decoration is found among designers and
differs for each service.
It is an invitation to return to the senses, combining
conviviality, authenticity and pleasure.
The cooking and preparation are done in minutes,
and are served on the plate. All the products used
have been carefully selected from the best producers
on the island, recognised for their know-how,
ethics and taste.
I attach particular importance to the choice of
producers, who are the guarantors of an ancestral
know-how, producing in a way that respects the
ecosystem of our land. This makes the moment
unique and undoubtedly unforgettable!


Jean-Antoine OTTAVI

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+33 (0)6 09 75 79 54

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