Coutellerie Ceccaldi

Authenticity and creativity, Coutellerie Ceccaldi, hand-crafted cutlery since 1978.

The story of Ceccaldi Cutlery starts in the village of Zoza, in Southern Corsica, where Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi and his wife Dany set up their first workshop at the heart of their family home. Passionate about his profession, Jean-Pierre was inspired by Mr. Paul Santoni, one of the last proponents of this unique knowledge, and who was able to pass on to him the secrets of Corsican knife craftsmanship. Enthused with a desire for perfection and the need to unleash his creativity, Jean-Pierre created his first collection in 1978. The pieces he produced were the traditional Corsican knife the “curnicciulu”, adding to his range over the years other knives such as the “vendetta”, table knives, kitchen knives and pocket knives, as well as exclusive pieces. All were developed with the same rigorous expectations: quality, authenticity, creativity and aboveall, to give a soul to this otherwise ordinary daily object. Then the family moved to Porticcio, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio, with an atelier larger and better equipped than his previous workshop, where he was able to further nurture his art of cutlery-making.

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To this day, Ceccaldi cutlery continues to be produced by hand, always with the same passion. The craftsmen of Maison Ceccaldi are cutler-smiths and are masters at every step in all areas of cutlery-making, from conception through to completion. The Maison Ceccaldi trademark is also, and aboveall a mark that guarantees a life-long service. It continues to uphold its reputation of superior quality. The Ceccaldi sons, Sylvestre and Simon, are continuing the tradition, and offer a new perspective on contemporary cutlery, always with respect to its heritage and origins. The Maison Ceccaldi has been awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company).

Coutellerie Ceccaldi

Boutiquse & Ateliers de Réparation
Porticcio – Bonifacio – Corté – Sartène – Paris

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