Perfume « Corsica Furiosa » rewarded

The Fragrance Foundation France’s FIFI AWARDS were held on last April. This major event honors creation and innovation in the world of perfumes. At this 23rd edition, the Jury of Experts voted for the eau de parfum CORSICA FURIOSA, which plunges the wearer into the fragrant heart of the Corsican bush, as “Best fragrant creation” in the “niche perfume” category. The panel of experts to designate the “Best fragrant creation” in the “niche perfume” category was made up of journalists, assessors and bloggers. The final vote takes place blind, assessing first the top notes then the bottom notes. The approache of Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for PARFUM d’EMPIRE is borne above all by sincerity and passion. Corsica is his true source of inspiration and energy. Corsica Furiosa is a verdant blast built around lentiscus, an evergreen shrub typicial of Corsica. Wood, moss, earth, hay, honey, resin, leather… Green from top to bottom and in every shade, its sillage carries the smells of the mountain maquis. Energizing and impetuous.

Parfum d’empire

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