Bijou, dessin, sculpture

Frédérique Mattei, a visual artist with a passion for the “World of Ideas”, places her creations in the context of research on the link.
Whatever the material, whatever its origin, she studies its context and weaves links between these elements from different worlds to create her own world in a new harmony.
Bronze, brass, cardboard, paper, Indian ink, batik… Rock crystal, precious stones, silver, gold, vermeil, bronze… Beads from all centuries, from excavations, antique, contemporary… From India, the East, Africa, the Andes, Venice, Central Asia… Frédérique Mattei’s creations are unique pieces or limited series, sculptures to wear, rings with a Victorian spirit.
“I combine pearls and elements, most of them very rare, from horizons and civilisations that would never have met. “My collectors” are women of character, strong personalities.

Frédérique Mattei

@frederique_matteiParis VIIe sur rendez-vous
+33 (0)6 25 86 56 27

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