Akillis, a jewellery brand in the image of its designer, Caroline Gaspard

Since its creation in 2007, the French jewellery house AKILLIS has been radiating energy. Its iconoclastic collections have been writing a manifesto of independence for over fifteen years. Akillis is like its founder Caroline Gaspard: a free woman. Caroline Gaspard has always been possessed by a taste for challenge, sport and competition. Charged with adrenaline, all her creations are graphic and illustrate the need for jewellery expressions that allow everyone to assert their personality. AKILLIS has the singularity of seducing both women and men, who recognise in the collections the expression of a limitless freedom.

Like her jewellery, Caroline Gaspard is irresistibly alive.

Echoing this boundless creativity, Akillis defends the know-how of excellence with its workshops. They fashion the best materials such as gold, titanium, diamonds and precious stones. Over the years, the brand has acquired real expertise in titanium: although it is extremely difficult to transform, it is added, cut, set, shaped and assembled with all the jewellery virtuosity of its workshops.


Les Montres & Les Bijoux

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