Agathe Factory, the art of weaving made in Corsica

Valérie Alin, a creative craftswoman, perpetuates the age-old tradition of weaving. But she’s also brought a modern edge to the craft, giving it a place of choice in the decoration of our interiors and exteriors.

Agathe was my grandmother’s name, a strong, independent woman who introduced me to the various techniques involved in the art of thread weaving. Along with Corsica, she remains my main source of inspiration.

It was obvious to me that she should be part of this wonderful adventure, a sort of tribute that was close to my heart, and that’s how Agathe Factory was born.

These weaving and rope-making techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, which is why I create all my pieces by hand. I don’t produce, I make and shape. The colours are obtained through a natural process, the rope is made in France and the wool comes from respectful, traditional farms run by young Corsican shepherds, with whom I have formed a partnership.

I work hand in hand with designers and interior architects to bring you decoration, tradition and modernity.

Atelier Agathe Factory

1, rue Maréchal Ornano

20 000 Ajaccio

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