Tour de Corse Historique

14th edition of the Corsica Rally historic

With its mountains and mountain passes, its route through some of the deepest canyons and… its end-less twists and turns, Corsica is a genuine land for rally events. A setting where ocean and mountains sit side by side quite naturally, providing for the most attractive of places. However, the Tour de Corse [Tour of Corsica], through its lengthy history, has always been a land of exploits. The race has always required that competitors show pugnacity and bal-ance on the roads atop mountain-edges. Absent from the world rally championships for several years, the Tour de Corse has somewhat orphaned an island which followed this with enthusiasm and admiration. In order to continue with this remark-able rally, several fans, nostalgic about classic cars and wonderful old vehicles, have brought the myth back to life…. The Historical Tour de Corse will this year celebrate its 14th anniversary.

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Tour de Corse historique

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